Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa, Computer Engineering Department, Istanbul, Turkey

“Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning (CIML) Research Lab” web site provides our scientific activities at Computer Engineering Department, Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa, Istanbul, Turkey. Our lab headed by Assist. Prof. Tolga ENSARİ and consists of about 15 researchers. Our research area is related on theoretical and algorithmic background of computational intelligence, machine learning including deep learning, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition with applications to computer vision, bioinformatics, computer networks, stability analysis of the systems, matrix theory, big data, robotics, decision support systems, recommender systems and specific data mining tasks.

We apply for research funding to Tubitak (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), Istanbul University (Division of Scientific Research Projects), governmental facilities, EU Horizon 2020, Eureka and Itea programs and Council of Higher Education. We develop and analyze several systems and architectures in research projects based on machine learning. Especially, interdisciplinary collaborations are important for us and we study and cooperate with faculty of medicine and other faculties/departments. We organize several training programs, workshops and other activities. Please follow us for new opportunities and training programs. We also announce and publish our annual lab report each year.

We are always looking for new graduate students from all of the world and we collaborate national and international colleagues at CIML Lab. We strongly encourage international cooperation to extend the network between researchers and research centers (groups). Researchers always welcome to give a research talk or seminar at CIML Lab. If you are graduate student and plan to study with us, please visit “Vacancies” menu in this web site and check possible thesis titles and their abstracts’ from “Thesis and Resources” menu. The graduate students also can offer suitable thesis rely on computational intelligence and machine learning topics..

Please always feel free to contact with us !

Dr. Tolga ENSARİ (CV)
CIML Lab Director

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5. "Third M.Sc. thesis on Deep Learning in Turkey": This M.Sc. thesis has been completed in Turkey by Res. Asst. Cihan TİKEN on June, 2015 at our lab.

6. "Fifth M.Sc. thesis on Predictive Churn Analysis in Turkey": This M.Sc. thesis has been completed in Turkey by Res. Asst. Melike GÜNAY on July, 2018 at our lab.

7. "First M.Sc. thesis on Pattern Recognition (Machine Learning) in Flow Cytometry Data in Turkey": This M.Sc. thesis has been studying in Turkey by Res. Asst.
Eyyüp YILDIZ from September, 2017 at our lab.

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A) Faculties:

1. Dr. Tolga ENSARİ (Lab Director)
2. Dr. Mustafa DAĞTEKİN

B) Visitors:

1. Meriem AMRANE, University of Blida, Algeria
(October, 2018 - June, 2019 and February 2018 - May 2018 and October 4-11, 2017)
2. Mohamed Cherif NAIT-HAMOUD, University Larbi Tebessi, Algeria
(March 11-19, 2018)
3. Fairozua BENDJAMAA, Badji Mokhtar University, Algeria
(October, 2018)

C) PhD Students:

1. Öznur SÖNMEZ
2. Melike GÜNAY
4. Meriem AMRANE
5. Fairozua BENDJAMAA
6. Canan GİRGİN
7. Kadir GÜZEL
8. İlhan KEKLİK

D) M.Sc. Students:

1. Eyyüp YILDIZ
3. Aykut AYDIN
5. Esma TOY
6. Kadir BAYKARA
7. Shakeel AHMAD
8. Sohaib Najat HASAN
9. Melike GÜNAY
10. Yasin Uğur BELEK
11. Fatih Mehmet TEKCAN
12. Siyabend TURGUT
13. Mehmet Salih KURT
15. Rahime YILMAZ
16. Cihan TİKEN
17. M. Metin TİRYAKİ
18. Davut ÇELİK

E) Researchers:

1. Muhammed Emre BİLGİN
2. Batuhan AŞIROĞLU
3. Recep SÖNMEZ
4. Ümmügülsüm KAYGISIZ
5. Semra YÜCE
6. Ravza ÖZTÜRK
7. Toprak KESKİN

15.03.2018     Mohamed Cherif NAIT-HAMOUD (PhD Candidate), University Larbi Tebessi, (Algeria),
                        Title: Information Diffusion in Social and Collaborative Networks
07.02.2018     Asst.Prof. Alper YILMAZ, Yildiz Technical University,
                         Title: Next Generation Sequence Analysis with Docker
03.01.2018     Asst. Prof. Leyla TÜRKER ŞENER, Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey, Director of “3D Medical and Insdustrial Design Lab”,
                        Title: Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
19.12.2017    Muhammed BİLGİN, DGR Project, Istanbul, Turkey,
                         Title: Deep Learning
12.12.2017    Muhammed BİLGİN, DGR Project, Istanbul,Turkey,
                         Title: Hidden Markov Models
12.12.2017    Zeynel Abidin SAMAK, Edinburgh University, UK,
                        Title: Deep Learning and Image Analysis
30.11.2017    Assoc. Prof. Yasin ÖZCELEP, Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey,
                         Title: Embedded Systems
28.11.2017    Ravza ÖZTÜRK (PhD Candidate), Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey,
                        Title: Bioinformatics in Computer Science
10.03.2017    Meriem AMRANE (PhD Candidate), University of Blida1, Algeria,
                        Title: Data Mining Techniques for Deducing Interactions and Factors in Experimental Design with High Dimensional Data
08.16.2017    Moammer Al TOBI (PhD Candidate), Glasgow Caldedonian University, UK,
                        Title: Neural Networks Using Genetic Algorithms and Back Propagation
05.08.2017    Asst. Prof. Yasser ASRUL, International Islamic University, Malaysia,
                         Title: Satellite Communications
07.18.2016    Dr. Reyes Juarez RAMIREZ & Dr. Carlos HUERTAS, Autonomous University of Baja California, Mexico,
                        Title: Heat Map Based Feature Selection: Dimensionality Reduction Technique Applied in High Dimensional Data
13.01.2015    Asst.Prof. Peter SCHUELLER, Computer Engineering, Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey,
                         Title: Natural Language Processing (NLP)
17.07.2013    Assoc.Prof. Shahryar RAHNAMAYAN, Institute of Technology, University of Ontario, Canada,
                        Title: Opposition Based Soft Computing
21.03.2013    Prof.Dr. Walid TAHA, Halmstad University (Sweden),
                        Title: Improving Support Modeling and Simulation of Cyber-Physical Systems

- Machine Learning
- Probability Theory and Statistics
- Pattern Recognition
- Data Mining and Statistical Modeling
- Microprocessors

A) PhD Thesis


1. Öznur SÖNMEZ, Thesis Title: Cancer Diagnosis from Biomedical Data with Machine Learning Methods
   Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ

2. Melike GÜNAY, Course Term,
   Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ

3. Ebru AYDINDAĞ, Thesis Title: Cancer Disease Diagnosis with Machine Learning Methods
   Advisor: Dr. Pınar KIRCI, Co-Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ

4. Meriem AMRANE, Thesis Title: Gene Detection from pahology and Cancer Classification (Prediction) with Machine Learnng Techniques
   Advisor: Dr. Saliha OUKID, Co-Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ

5. Fairouz BENDJAMAA, Thesis Title: Ontologies for A Decision-Making System: Application on Sacred Texts
   Advisor: Dr. Nora TALEB, Co-Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ

6. Canan GİRGİN, Thesis Title: Behavioral Segmentation of Mobile Users With Machine Learning Methods
   Advisor: Dr. Ahmet SERTBAŞ, Co-Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ

B) M.Sc. Thesis:


1. Eyyüp YILDIZ, Thesis Title: Pattern Recognition in Flow Cytometry Data
   Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ, Co-Advisor: Dr. Leyla TÜRKER ŞENER

2. Yağız NALÇAKAN, Thesis Title: Diagnosis of Alzheimer Diease with Deep Learning
   Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ,

3. Aykut AYDIN, Thesis Title: Classification of MicroRNA biogene Sequences with Machine Learning
   Advisor: Prof. Dr. Ahmet SERTBAŞ, Co-Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ), September, 2018.

4. Ahmet ZENCİRLİ, Thesis Title: Performance Analysis of Colloborative Filtering in Automatic
   Recommendation Systems
   Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ

5. Esma TOY, Thesis Title: Analysis of Network Based Intrusion Detection Systems with Machine Learning
   Advisor: Dr. Gülsüm Zeynep GÜRKAŞ AYDIN, Dr. Tolga ENSARİ

6. Kadir BAYKARA, Thesis Title: Associating MicroRNA with Diseases Using Machine Learning
   Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ, Co-Advisor: Dr. Leyla TÜRKER ŞENER

1. Melike GÜNAY, Thesis Title: Predictive Churn Analysis with Machine Learning
    Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ, June 2018.

2. Fatih Mehmet TEKCAN, Thesis Title: Hyperspectral Image Classification with Machine Learning
    Advisor: Prof. Dr. Ahmet SERTBAŞ, Co-Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ, June 2018.

3. Yasin Uğur BELEK, Thesis Title: Safe Path Planning with Machine Learning
    Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ, June 2018.

4. Siyabend TURGUT, Thesis Title: Cancer Diagnosis with Machine Learning Methods
     Advisor: Dr. Mustafa DAĞTEKİN, Co-Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ, June 2018.

5. Mehmet Salih KURT, Thesis Title: Turkish Question Answering System Using Machine Learning
     Advisor: Dr. Eylem YÜCEL DEMİREL, Co-Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ, June 2018.

6. İhsan KOÇAK, Thesis title: Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Applications
     Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ, June 2017.

7. Feyzan SARUHAN ÖZDAĞ, Thesis Title: Network Intrusion Detection with Machine Learning Techniques
     Advsior: Dr. Derya YILTAŞ KAPLAN, Co-Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ, June 2017.

8. Rahime YILMAZ, Thesis Title: EMG Signal Classification to Predict the Position and Force Patterns of Human Hand
     Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ, Co-Advisor: Assoc.Prof. Yunus Ziya ARSLAN, June 2017.

9. Cihan TİKEN, Thesis Title: Deep Learning Applications
     Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ, June 2015.

10. M. Metin TİRYAKİ, Thesis Title: Data Mining Based Estimation System for Intelligent Transportation
     Advisor: Prof. Dr. Ahmet SERTBAŞ, Co-Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ, June 2015.

11. Davut ÇELİK, Thesis Title: Smart Advertisement/Survey Application Using Data Mining
     Advisor: Prof. Dr. Ahmet SERTBAŞ, Co-Advisor: Dr. Tolga ENSARİ, January 2015

C) Possible PhD Thesis:

   To be announced

D) Possible M.Sc. Thesis:

   To be announced

- PhD candidate and M.Sc. candidate students are welcomed to study on their thesis. Please, read “Possible PhD Thesis” and “Possible M.Sc. Thesis” parts in our web site under “THESIS and RESOURCES” menu and get in touch with us ! You can also always offer and find different subject/thesis title instead of possible M.Sc./PhD thesis title lists.

- We have several “Summer Research” positions for PhD, M.Sc. and undergraduate students. Please contact with us!

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